Thank you very much for visiting our website, all customers who place orders on the website will be rewarded with points if you have account on our site, so please create account first. How can I get point There are multiple places to earn points:
  1. When you create account, you will get 50 points at once;
  2. After your order completed, you will get some points, every 1 dollor will get 1 point. You will be told how many points you will get before you pay;
  3. Post a review will get 5 points. After the comment is submitted, please wait for approval. Each item in each order is only allowed to get points once;
  4. 100 additional points for every 10 orders.
How to check my points Please login your account, then click MY POINTS, all your points history will show. How to use my points
  1. 100 points will get 1 dollor discount
  2. If you have more than 100 points, you can use your points to get discount when you checkout;
  3. You get a message when you on cart page or checkout page like that “USE * POINTS FOR A $ * DISCOUNT ON THIS ORDER!     APPLY DISCOUNT”, please click APPLY DISCOUNT;
  4. You can use 100 points at least, and can use up to all your points for discount;
  5. Please check the cart totals, you will find your discount information;
  6. If you don’t want need points, you can remove this Redeem points;
  7. If you use points for discount, this order will no longer be rewarded with points.
Why was my points cancelled
  1. If you have an order has been cancled or refund, all reward points for this order will be removed;
  2. Points are valid for 365 days, if your point don’t used in 365 days after you got them, it will be removed;
Please keeep your account is login if you want get point or use point.